Plague of Ashes Synopsis

Mia can’t remember much about life before the dust came. No one knew where it came from. The more people tried to clean it up, the more dust fell.

Within a week, people started to get very sick. Hospitals were overflowing. As the illness spread, so did the panic. The news called it the “Plague of Ashes”. Scientists speculated it was an alien virus and vowed to find a cure, but it was too late. Once the entire population was infected, all adults over age 20 immediately died. Their bodies instantaneously dried out and disintegrated into dust that lingers in the air.

Only they didn’t stay dead.

At night, their bodies re-harden. It’s in darkness that the geists need to feed.

Mia has been looking after a group of younger kids for the past few years as they struggle to stay hidden from the geists. But Mia’s 20th birthday is fast approaching and time is running out to get the kids somewhere safe before she too will become a monster that will hunt them in the shadows.