Cupid's Match (Audiobook) Book Trailer Review

The mother-daughter team behind this amazing book trailer is KR Squared Productions, based in LA. Cupid’s Match book trailer is expertly done with flawless music, visuals, and heart pounding pacing. It has a fresh and current vibe that aims to make the book’s target demographic fall in love. Sure as Cupid’s arrow, this gorgeous book trailer hits that mark.

The book trailer for “Cupid’s Match” stars Robert Palmer Watkins from General Hospital Fame as well as Michel Janse and Dane Oliver.

Music + Voiceover
Avoids Spoilers

Cupid’s Match (Audiobook) Synopsis

When 17-year-old Lila Black goes to the LA-based Cupids Matchmaking Service, it is to tell them to stop spamming her. Instead she finds out that cupids are real, she has been identified as the match of the banished, dangerous (and irresistibly attractive) Cupid himself, and that due to an administrative error he will be arriving at her high school tomorrow.

The organization assigns one of their matchmaking agents, Cal, to hide her from him, but despite his efforts she finds herself increasingly drawn to her match. And though Cupid may be reckless and arrogant, he doesn’t seem nearly as dangerous as people have been telling her.

She soon discovers that the matchmaking service will go to deadly lengths to make sure the match doesn’t take place, that Cupid may have a secret agenda, and that she must fight her growing feelings for him because if the two get together, Lila may not survive the consequences.

When the inevitable happens, Lila finds herself caught alongside Cupid and Cal in a fight for her life, on one side of an ancient battle over love itself.

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