10 book videos that are not book trailers

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Not all videos that have books in them are book trailers… and knowing the different types of promotional videos you could make to market your book will only help to diversify and strengthen your marketing efforts!

A book trailer is a specific kind of book video that can be defined by five key elements. If you want to know exactly what a book trailer is, read this. Otherwise, if you are open to making other kinds of promotional videos for your book, read on!

Here are 10 types of promotional book videos that you can (and should) have… that are not book trailers.

Author Interview

This is where the author appears on-camera and is asked specific questions about the book that is being released. Some examples of author interview questions could be:

  1. How long did it take for you to write this book?
  2. What is the book about?
  3. What inspired you to write this book?
  4. Are you planning a sequel?
An author can do a video interview talking about their book.

The purpose of an author interview is to get people interested in the book… but don’t give away too many spoilers! The amount of information you’d give in a query pitch or that would be written on the back cover of the book would suffice. People are interested to know the face behind the novel, and they will be intrigued to hear you talk about your book. For best practices, keep the edited video length between 1 and 2 minutes.

Author Trailer

The difference between an author interview and an author trailer is that the purpose of author trailers aren’t to promote a specific book, but rather the author themselves and their greater body of work. Author trailers focus on the author in a broader sense rather than just on a specific book or project. She or he may talk about their inspirations, how and why they became an author, their writing process, their childhood, and their plans for the future.

Author trailers aren’t to promote a specific book, but rather the author themselves and their greater body of work.

Pre-order Announcement

Is your book available for pre-order? Awesome! Make a video announcement to let people know about it. Don’t forget to mention what incentives there are (if any) for pre-ordering. It can be you talking on camera vlog-style or showing text on the screen with a voiceover. Just remember to keep it short and to the point. Less than 1 minute for a vlog. About 15 seconds if it’s text only.

Cover Reveal Video

A book cover is the first true visual you have of your book – make a video about it! There are examples of this done with 3D graphics (like the example below). You don’t just have to reveal the cover art, you can also add in some early reviews from advanced copies if you’d like! But the primary purpose of the video should be recognition of the cover design. You want your potential readers to remember what the book looks like so they pick it up in the store!

Another way you can make a cover reveal video is to appear on-camera vlog style. You can literally point your camera (or your iphone – whatever you are recording with) at your new book artwork and share it that way along with your reaction. Again, just make sure you keep the video short.

Unboxing Video

You’ve just got the first physical copies of your book in the mail. Before you rip open that package and throw packing peanuts in the air like confetti, turn on your video camera and record it! Take your readers on this journey with you… this is an exciting moment.

Live Reading

You can livestream yourself reading the first chapter of your book and let people interact via chat with a Q&A at the end. Make it an event! You can record the stream and upload it as a video later for the readers that missed the live interaction. BAM! Two pieces of video content for the price of one!.   

E-book Teaser

If your book is going to be available in digital format (e-book) then that is also a prime opportunity to make a video and let people know about it!


Readers LOVE book swag… make a video with a small contest! You don’t have to give away anything crazy expensive… you can give away signed copies to the first 5 people who pre-order through your website. You can give away free e-books (that won’t cost you much/anything). You can make a poster, hat, or coffee mug with your book cover design or logo on it… there’s plenty of options. Use a small giveaway as an opportunity to grow your email list and promote your book.

Hype Video

Where an interview is an author talking about their book, a hype video is other people besides the author talking about the book. This can be critics, readers who have seen advanced copies, or other authors who have agreed to give a testimonial.

Simply put: a hype video is a video of reviews. They can appear on-screen as text (see this example) Or you can ask reviewers to take short video clips of themselves praising the book and stitch those together. If people are physically in the video themselves, they are more likely to share it which will help widen your reach.

It might be a good idea to coincide this with your launch date so there is an immediate action someone can take after watching people talking about how awesome your book is… they can actually go buy the book!

Post-Launch Video

This is the first video you will release after your book is officially launched. Make sure to thank your readers who have pre-ordered the book and who have shared your journey with you up to this point.

Three fun ideas for a post-launch video:

  • If you are having a launch party, film it!
  • If not, film yourself driving to the store and document your reaction seeing your book on store shelves for the first time.
  • Arrange a local reading at a library or bookstore and make a short promotional video out of it.

Still Want A Book Trailer?

If in addition to the promotional book videos above, you still want to make a book trailer (yes, book trailers are awesome!!!) contact ElectraFox today and get started on a book trailer for your novel!

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