How to storyboard a book trailer

Step 3: Storyboard Your Book Trailer

Now that you have your script, it’s time to storyboard! Grab a pencil and a few sheets of paper. A storyboard is an important part of the film-making process: it’s where you draw what you want the scene to look like. This helps you plan on angles, actors, costumes, props, and whatever else you end up needing during your video shoot. Don’t skip this step!

On the top of your paper, write the first sentence from your storyboard script. We will continue with the Harry Potter example.

“There’s a magical world hidden within our own”

For this, we could show a normal-looking street. Draw a picture of a street with some houses on it below the sentence you wrote. It doesn’t have to be a fancy drawing… this is just to help you to make a plan and help you set up your shots. It is not something you’re going to be handing in as part of your project! (Unless your teacher asks for it of course…) Either way, don’t worry if you’re not Leonardo Davinci. Stick figures are fine! Like this:

Example of a storyboard scene … a drawing of a street with houses.

Now write down whatever props, costumes, actors, or locations will be needed. For this shot we only need the location: a street with houses. You can write down something like this in the notes by your storyboard drawing:

Location: street outside my house

Great! Moving on to the next line in the script:

Where brooms really can make you fly

For this line, a close up of a broom would do very nicely! There’s no need to actually make the broom fly even though that’s what the text says. Sometimes it’s ok to just imply something with the picture without actually making it happen. Even though it’s a video, people can still use their imagination!

Here’s what the storyboard would look like:

For this shot, write down the fact that a prop is needed. You’ll also need to write down a location where you’ll be filming the broom. Underneath the drawing write:

  • Prop: Broom
  • Location: White wall in the hallway by the kitchen

That was easy, right?! Now onto the next line:

And all your teachers are really witches and wizards!

For this one, you could ask an adult to wear a leftover witch’s hat from Halloween! Maybe your Mom, Dad, or a Teacher would agree to be an actor in your book trailer? If not, you can dress up and pretend to be a magical teacher yourself! There are plenty of options.

Here’s the storyboard:

Write down your prop, actor, and location on your story board by the picture you drew:

  • Actor: Mom
  • Prop: Witch’s Hat
  • Costume: Ask Mom to wear black shirt
  • Location: Living Room

Great! Have you got the hang of it? Let’s do one more and then move on to Step 4! Here are the next lines:

Harry Potter was supposed to be a part of that world…

But he was orphaned as a baby

For this example, you could combine these two lines into a single visual: a baby sleeping!

If you have a little brother, sister, or baby cousin they could be Harry Potter as a baby! Just make sure you ask your parents’ permission and have a parent there supervising you. If not, a baby doll would work just fine!

This is what the storyboard could look like!

  • Actor: Little brother
  • Prop: No prop needed
  • Costume: No costume needed (just the baby’s regular clothes)
  • Location: Baby’s room
  • Special Note: Need Parent Supervision. Also, don’t wake baby!

See how easy it is to storyboard? Now, repeat this process for the rest of your script! Once you have all the pictures drawn, you can continue on to step 4!

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