How to edit your book trailer video

Step 6: Edit Your Book Trailer Video Using iMovie

We will be using iMovie to edit your book trailer. There are two ways you can edit your book trailer video: either on your computer or directly on your phone!

For this example, I’m going to show you how to edit your book trailer video on an iPhone using the iMovie APP. You can also get the iMovie app for your computer to edit your book trailer.

With your parents’ permission, download iMovie from the APP Store.

Step 1: Download iMovie APP
Step 2: Open the APP
Step 3: Click the plus sign (+)
Step 4: Select “Trailer”


If you need to make a book trailer, don't panic! You can use iMovie to easily make your book trailer for your class project.

The trailer template in iMovie may be too short for your script… don’t panic!!!

There’s something really important I need to tell you here before we go any further: the trailer templates in iMovie will likely be too short for our book trailer script. I have a solution for this, but it’s going to add an extra step later which I like to call Candice’s-famous-peanut-butter-and-jelly-method-to-make-your-book-trailer-awesome!

iMovie Book Trailer: Screenshot showing how to use iMovie to make a book trailer

You don’t have to select “Trailer” if you don’t want to – you can select “Movie” and choose your own music and record your own voice! It will give you more creative freedom to do it that way. I encourage you to experiment with either option: both will make wonderful book trailers! If you want to select “movie” here, that’s perfectly ok.

But for the rest of our Harry Potter book trailer example, we’ll use the trailer template (along with my peanut butter and jelly trick), which is likely the faster of the two options and comes with some really cool special effects!

iMovie Book Trailer: Screenshot showing how to use iMovie to make a book trailer using templates for book trailers.

Step 5: Now that you’ve selected “trailer” there will be a screen where you can select the type of template you want to use. I’m choosing “Fairy Tale” because it goes nicely with the magic of the Harry Potter theme.

Step 6: Next you will see a screen that has two parts: an outline and a storyboard.

In the outline section, change the information to match your book trailer project! Change the “Movie Name” to the title of the book and fill out the credit information any way you like! Changing the outline will automatically generate an ending credit scene for you with whatever names you type in.

Now click over to storyboard. When you click on the empty image placeholder, it will let you select footage from your camera roll. This is where you input the footage that you shot for your book trailer! Remember to refer back to the book trailer storyboard you drew from Step 2 so that way you make sure you are arranging the clips in the correct order. The clips in the template move fast, and you can put the same clip in two spots if you want to.

Change the text above the images to be the text from your script. If a sentence is too long, try to shorten the sentence so it’s easy to read or split it up into two separate screens.

Here are some screenshots so you can see what this looks like:

Changing the information in your outline above will automatically change the information in this ending credits scene.

iMovie Book Trailer: Screenshot showing ending credits screen using iMovie to make a book trailer. Student Book Trailer Homework Assignment
Ending credits for your book trailer made with iMovie!

Now here’s the important part!!!

Remember when I said that the trailer template might not be long enough to fit your whole script? Here’s what you can do (instead of shortening your script)… you can export the trailer in two parts.

Fill in as much information as it will let you into the trailer template then export that as “part 1” of your book trailer. It will save the video to your camera roll. Use these two screenshots as a guide on how to export and save your trailer.

Then open iMovie again and erase a bunch of lines of text toward the end then fill in the lines of the script and video clips you couldn’t fit the first time.

Export the project a second time the same way you did above and call that “part 2”.

At this point you have two copies of the trailer saved to your phone: one that has the beginning of the script and one that has the end of the script.

Like making a delicious peanut butter and jelly sandwich, we’ve got the jelly on one side and the peanut butter on the other! Now we’ve got to put the two halves together to make it complete! Here is how we are going to do that!

You have two delicious halves of your book trailer, now let’s put them together!

All this book trailer editing is making me hungry for a PB&J…

Start a new project in iMovie. This time click “Movie” instead of “Trailer”.

iMovie Book Trailer: Screenshot showing how to use iMovie to make a book trailer

The “Movie” option won’t have a rigid time limit like the “Trailer” option did… but it also doesn’t let you use those cool special effects like the pages turning… That’s why we’re going to combine the two and make a movie using the trailer clips we just exported! MWAHAHAHAHAH (Yes, I’m an evil genius!)

Once you click “Movie” it will automatically show you videos from your camera roll. Import Part 1 and Part 2 into your new project. iMovie will automatically generate a fade in between the two clips, but they won’t line up correctly yet. Shorten them both so they meet in the spot you want the text to pick up on. You do that by dragging the footage left or right to make it shorter or longer. You’ll have to give it a few tries and work it out so that the audio lines up in a way that sounds good.

Once you are happy with how your trailer now looks and sounds, export that again for a final time and you’ve got your book trailer file complete!!!

YAY!!! You’re almost done!

Now that you’ve got it saved to your phone, you are almost done with your book trailer project! You’re ready to move on to step 7: getting your book trailer video file in a place to show your teacher!

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