Gather props, costumes, locations, and actors for your book trailer

Step 4: Gather Materials

You’ll need these materials to use in your video shoot!

  1. A video camera (or a smart phone)
  2. Props
  3. Actors
  4. Costumes
  5. A list of locations
  6. Your storyboard drawings and a pencil
  7. Bottles of water, snacks!

Make a List

Use the storyboard you created to make a complete list of locations, actors, props, and costumes you’ll need!

Make Sure Your Battery is Charged!

The night before, make sure your camera or smart phone is charged and on full battery! You don’t want your phone to power-off in the middle of your video shoot.

Pack Water and Snacks!

It might take longer than you expect to get all of your shots done, so make sure you bring bottles of water and small snacks just in case! If you have actors coming to your shoot, bring enough snacks for everyone and don’t forget to ask if any of your friends have food allergies.

Bright Idea

A good idea is to bring your actual book trailer storyboard drawings with you to your video shoot and put a check mark next to each drawing as you complete it! That way you’ll know if you’ve missed any shots before your shoot is over.

Once you have all your materials gathered: now comes the really fun part! You’re ready to pick up your camera and start recording your book trailer video!

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How to film your book trailer video

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