How to film your book trailer video

Step 5: Filming Your Book Trailer

Once you arrive at your first location, look at your book trailer storyboard and decide which shot you will be filming. You don’t have to start at the beginning, but you can if you want! After you are done filming the shot, check it off on your storyboard shot list.

Choose a shot from your storyboard drawing list, and start filming it!

Here are the examples of the storyboards we made and then the actual shot we’d get while filming!

Don’t forget to hold your phone horizontally instead of vertically when you are filming your video.

If you don’t hold the phone horizontally, you’ll get black bars on either side of the video footage when you go to edit it which doesn’t look very good. This is a very important thing to remember! Below is a picture of the phone in a horizontal position versus vertical.

And make sure you hold the phone with two hands! You don’t want to drop the phone and risk breaking it.

The best way is to hold the phone like you see in the photo to the right:

Another good tip is to take a few recordings of the same shot and then pick the best one! You can try different angles and moving the camera in different ways. It’s good to get creative!

Great job so far!

Ok, now that you’ve got all of your footage recorded, it’s time to edit! Make sure you’ve got all the shots on your book trailer storyboard shot list checked off, then proceed to step 6: editing your video!

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how to edit your book trailer video using iMovie

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