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You’re probably reading this because your teacher has given you an assignment: either to make a book trailer book report or to write a book trailer script.


No Need to Panic!!!

Even if you’ve never made a book trailer before, there’s no need to worry! I’ve broken it down into a 8 easy to follow steps to help you to get this homework assignment done and looking awesome in no time!

What is a Book Trailer?

A book trailer is a promotional video for a book designed to get people interested in reading it. They’re called “book trailers” because they often look like movie trailers. Since novels don’t always have pictures or illustrations, it’s up to the book trailer to make a visual for what you would normally imagine in your head… including the characters and the events that happen in the book.

Your book trailer can (and should) be full of colorful details to get people interested in reading the book: just be careful about giving away too many spoilers! (If you’re confused about how much detail to use in your book trailer and need more help, read my blog about how to avoid spoilers in book trailers)

Ready to Get Started?! Let’s Make Your Book Trailer in 8 Easy Steps!

If you’re ready to make an awesome book trailer, follow these 8 simple steps and get your homework done in no time!

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