How to hand in your book trailer to your teacher

Step 7: Uploading Your Book Trailer!

Make sure you follow your teacher’s specific directions for how she or he wants you to prepare your file to hand-in or present to the class. They may want you to upload it to YouTube or perhaps your school has a web-based interface to share files! Ask your teacher if you’re unsure on how to hand-in the homework.

With your parents permission, here are some ways you can show your teacher your finished book trailer:


Uploading to YouTube is the most popular way. There are some privacy settings to help you keep your book trailer from becoming widely available to the public if you don’t want it to be. Set your video to “unlisted” and it won’t be listed in YouTube’s search results. Your teacher will still be able to see the video, but only if you send them a direct link. Here’s how you do that!

Select “Unlisted” if you don’t want your book trailer video to appear in YouTube’s search results. If you select “Private” you will be the only one who can see the video even with a link.

Copying and Pasting Your Link

Copy the link by highlighting it with your mouse and press CTRL and C at the same time (if you are using PC) or Command + C at the same time (if you are using a mac). If you are doing trying to copy the link on your phone, highlight the text with your finger then hold it down until an option comes up that asks you if you want to copy it.

Now paste it in an email to your teacher! Do this by clicking in the body of the email and pressing CTRL and P at the same time (if you are using PC) or Command + P at the same time (if you are using a mac). Don’t forget to double check to make sure you copied the link correctly and that it’s working! Do that by pasting the link into a new browser and making sure your video is playing back.

Watching Your Book Trailer on Your phone

If you or your parents don’t want you uploading videos to YouTube, no problem! You can show your teacher your book trailer on your phone.

It’s already saved to your camera roll, but I recommend that you create a new album and call it “Book Trailer” that way you know exactly which file you want to play and it’s easy to find. (Also, if you’ve taken a lot of selfies with your friends during your book trailer shoot, your teacher won’t see you scrolling through a zillion funny faces trying to find your book trailer video! lol)

Make a new album so your teacher doesn’t have to scroll through a zillion selfies you and your friends took during the video shoot lol!

If you’re using an iPhone, make a new album on your phone by clicking on “Album” then selecting the “+” on the top left of the screen. Call your new album, “Book Trailer” and select the final version of your book trailer video! Your album will only have one file in it, so it will be very easy to find!

Playing Back on Your Laptop

If you are bringing your laptop to school to show your teacher, make sure your desktop is clear of other files and clutter. Then save your file to the desktop! This will make it very easy to find when you are playing it back for your teacher. Remember to open it and play it back yourself so that you make sure the whole file exported properly and that it looks the way you want it to. Double-checking your file will help prevent any technical delays during class time!

School File Share

Your school may have a file sharing program! If it does, make sure you follow the directions and upload your video!

As a back-up plan, you might want to also save a copy to a USB drive (also called a memory stick or flash drive) and bring it with you to school just in case your file didn’t upload properly… it never hurts to be prepared!

Now that your file is ready and delivered to your teacher, move onto Step 8!

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