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Are you an Author/Agent/Publisher who would like to submit your book trailer for inclusion in our library? Help readers, parents, teachers, and students find your new novel! Fill out the form below.

For readers who would like to suggest a book trailer, please use this form instead.

Submission Guidelines

  1. You must either own the copyright for all elements in your book trailer or have acquired the proper permissions and/or appropriate licensing for all video clips, graphics, photos, music, voiceover etc. that are used in your trailer.
  2. Your video trailer must contain video clips, animated graphics, or photos/ illustrations that have been enhanced to have movement. (here is an example) We are currently not accepting book trailers that are solely photo slideshows.
  3. Your book doesn’t have to be published yet, but you should be able to provide us with an expected date of publication. Please leave it in the comments.
  4. Your video should be in the proper aspect ratio throughout. If a video clip has black bars on either side, the aspect ratio is off. Here is an article I wrote about how to fix that problem.
  5. No graphic violence or nudity.

If your book trailer meets the above requirements, please fill out the submission form below! If your submission is not accepted at this time, please feel free to reapply in 90 days. You will only be notified if your application is successful. We can’t respond to all inquiries. Thank you for your interest in having your trailer on Bestseller Trailers, and we wish you success in marketing your book!