Dragon Rider Book Trailer Review

Book Trailer for Dragon Rider (Children's Middle School Book)

The book trailer introduces an interesting villain who it describes as “a heartless monster with an age old-grudge (who) is determined to destroy the dragons at all cost”.. it is a perfect introduction to this character that surrounds it in mystery‚Ķ Who is this monster? What did the dragons do in the past that could have contributed to this grudge? We have to read the book to find out!

Dragon Rider Book Trailer Review

While the book trailer doesn’t directly mention magical creatures other than dragons and humans, it appears other magical beings inhabit the story from this glimpse at the ensemble cast!

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Dragon Rider Synopsis

With lonely Ben aboard, brave dragon Firedrake seeks mythical place where silver dragons can live in peace. Over moonlit lands and sparkling seas, they meet fantastic creatures, summon up surprising courage – and cross a ruthless villain with an ancient grudge determined to end their quest. Only a secret destiny can save the dragons and bring them the true meaning of home.

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