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A resource for teachers and students interested in making book trailers and a reference guide for help with book trailer related homework assignments.

Book Trailer Homework: Storyboarding A Book Trailer

How to storyboard a book trailer
We're here to help you with your book trailer homework assignment! Step 3 will help you storyboard your book trailer!

Book Trailer Homework: Shooting Your Book Trailer Video

How to film your book trailer video
Step 5 will help you shoot your book trailer video! After you're done filming, then move on to Step 6!

Book Trailer Homework: How to Give Your Teacher Your Book Trailer Video

How to hand in your book trailer to your teacher
Step 7 will help you upload your book trailer or find an alternate way to hand in the homework! Complete this step then move on to Step 8!


Internship Program
Bestseller Trailers has an internship program for High School and College students interested in entering the field of writing, book publishing, or book marketing.

Share Your Book Trailer

Share your book trailer video
You did it! You made your first book trailer and completed your book trailer homework assignment! Now is the time to celebrate and show your family and friends what an awesome job you did! Great work!

Book Trailer Homework

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