For over a decade, book trailers have been changing the way new books are marketed… these short cinematic videos have had cumulatively hundreds of millions of views online. Over the years, book trailers have evolved from amateur photo slideshows to award-winning cinematic masterpieces. How and why have these little videos become so important?

Today, I want to focus on the user side of this phenomenon and look at the reasons why readers seek out book trailers and how book trailers are changing the publishing landscape forever.

Book trailers help readers, parents, and teachers zero in on the best books.

There are upwards of a million books published each year, and it would be physically impossible to read them all. Even though we aren’t supposed to judge books by their covers, humans are highly visual creatures that are drawn to interesting looking artwork. The truth is, while we technically can judge a book by its cover… we can’t judge it accurately. There isn’t enough information on the cover to make an informed decision about whether or not we’ll actually have a high probability of liking the book.

This is why book trailers are changing the way people search for and choose what books they want to read.

Book trailers help us pinpoint our searches so we find books that resonate with us: that we can lose or find ourselves in. Book trailers are also useful tools for parents and educators who are looking for specific content and themes to introduce to their children and classrooms. (If you’re a teacher, visit our teacher and student resource guide.)

In addition to helping readers find books we want to read, a book trailer will help us eliminate books too. After watching a trailer, you can decide a book isn’t for you (or your child) based on tone, content, or theme. With the click of a button, you’ll skip on to another trailer and find a story that you can’t wait to dive into! Book trailers help readers put books we will actually want to read in our “to-read” piles!

Book trailers save us time looking for books so we have more time to read!

Watching a book trailer allows book fans do a fast, visual search for new novels and make informed decisions about what they’re choosing to read. Reading a book will take a lot more of your time than a 90 minute movie will, and that’s why book trailers are so important.

We at Bestseller Trailers have created the world’s largest library of curated book trailers to make the process even faster: readers can now query a large catalogue of book trailers with lightening speed! We made them sortable by age rating, genre, bestseller status, and year so that you can quickly find what the book trailer you’re looking for.

“You can’t judge a book by its cover… but you can judge it by its trailer… In fact, that’s exactly what book trailers are for.”

Great book trailers make us want to read the book, but don’t spoil the plot for us.

A great book trailer will give insight into the novel’s world and characters, but won’t give away any more plot spoilers than would have been on the back cover.

Here on bestseller trailers, we strive to rate book trailers based on a set of criteria that includes penalizing the trailer for including too many spoilers.

Book trailers help us find hidden treasures we may have otherwise never discovered!

Maybe a back-cover’s description didn’t peak your interest at the bookstore, but the book trailer caught your eye and provided insight into the world contained within the text. A book trailer is the author’s way of sending the reader an invitation to join their main character on their journey.

A favorite book is a treasure, but it may be buried under a lot of other books. We’ve curated this collection of book trailers based on stringent criteria to bring you the highest quality books and trailers to help you find your next favorite.

We hope that in our book trailer library, you’ll find your future favorite book and enjoy the adventure of searching for it among our collection!

Watching video is fun!!!

YouTube is no longer just a website for cat videos and cover songs – it is a full blown search engine! People search YouTube when looking for all manner of things… because we love watching video. Watching video is entertaining and educational. It’s easy. We do it when we want to learn. We do it when we want to relax and unwind. A video that tells us about a game we want to play, a hairstyle we’d like to try… or yes, a book trailer video for a book we’d like to read… will happily earn a click.

Our Book Trailer Library Makes it Easy

It used to be that there were many photo slideshows that mis-categorized as “book trailers”… so it was difficult to find the type of book trailer that would really keep your interest and attention. But now there’s a library of highly entertaining, quality bestselling book trailer videos that have been curated to optimize your book trailer viewing experience. We have YA Book Trailers, Middle School Book Trailers, Book Trailers for Children, New York Times Bestselling Book Trailers, and more! Now that there’s a Bestseller Book Trailer Library– you can browse book trailers with ease!

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