What is a Book Trailer?

A quick-start guide into what book trailers are, how long they've been around, and why book trailers exist in the first place!

What is a book trailer?

What Are Book Trailers?

Answer: Book Trailers are often cinematic-style previews for books named for their resemblance to movie trailers. The purpose of a book trailer is to introduce readers to the novel and give them a taste of the story’s world and characters. Thanks to the meteoric rise and popularity of streaming video, book trailers are a powerful modern tool authors use to promote their new novels. Though many of these book trailers may look like big-budget movie trailers, these videos are actually promoting a book, not a film! Some authors use book trailers to secure movie deals for their novels.

For a complete in-depth analysis and a list of the five technical requirements a video must have in order to be a book trailer, read this article.

How long should a Book Trailer be?

Answer: Your book trailer length should generally be between 1 and 2 minutes. You don’t want to give too much of your plot away, and you want to make sure that the audience stays interested and watches the book trailer to the very end! That said, book trailers may be as short as 15 seconds and as long as 10 minutes!

How long have Book Trailers been around?

Answer: Longer than 10 years! Our catalogue of book trailers has book trailer videos all the way back from 2009 as well as the latest book trailers of 2019! Book Trailers have been around for a long time and are gaining popularity as more and more readers discover them.

Why do readers want to watch book trailers? Why not just read the synopsis on the back cover?

Answer: I’ve written an entire article dedicated to why and how book trailers are changing the way people look for books. It boils down to a few main points:

  • Book trailers help readers quickly zero in on whether or not a book’s theme, tone, and subject matter are appealing to them.
  • Book trailers help book shoppers make an informed decision about whether or not the book is worth spending their time and money on.
  • Book trailers also help readers take a closer look at a book where the cover didn’t initially catch their eye.
  • Book trailers are a tool parents and educators can use when choosing books for their young readers.
  • People are consuming more and more video content every day. It has become a huge part of modern lives, so it’s natural that people would gravitate toward book trailers as a fun, easy, convenient way to explore what new novels are available.

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